Little Travellers HIV/AIDS Initiative

Sponsors and Supporters

The Little Travellers HIV/AIDS Initiative gratefully acknowledges the contributions of our sponsors and supporters: their generosity has allowed this project to flourish, and enables us to send all funds from the sale of Little Travellers towards HIV/AIDS relief in South Africa. Their support has been invaluable.


Canadian Association of Pharmacy Students & Interns (CAPSI)

Moksha Yoga Winnipeg

National Jewish Campus Life

University of Manitoba's Education Student Council

University of Manitoba Faculty of Pharmacy, Class of 2009

University of Manitoba's School of Medical Rehabilitation Students' Association

University of Manitoba Students' Union (UMSU)

University of Manitoba's University One Student Council (U1SC)


McDermot Avenue Baptist Church

University of Manitoba Faculty of Medicine (Dean's Fund)

University of Manitoba Graduate Students' Association (UMGSA)


Churchill's International Courier

Simian Systems

Tudor Photographics (Cape Town, S.A.)

Chuck Phillips, Victims of Advertising


Premier Printing, Winnipeg, MB

Albert Wisco Productions