Little Travellers HIV/AIDS Initiative

Photo Contest 2007

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Preamble: Not surprisingly, Little Travellers love to travel! Whether they are going on a picnic at the lake or on a jaunt across the ocean, Little Travellers relish in the joys of meeting new people and seeing new sites. In fact, their global gallivanting has inspired us to hold the first ever Little Travellers Photo Contest!

The concept is simple: take photos of your Little Traveller(s) (on their own please!) anywhere in the world, and submit them (see below) to help document the epic journeys of these peripatetic harbingers of hope! These photos will be shared on our website, and the best of them will be featured in a photographic exhibit (entitled "Little Travellers: where they have come from, where they have been, and where they are going") alongside photos taken by the crafters who made the Little Travellers in South Africa!


All prizes have been made at the Hillcrest AIDS Centre Trust, as part of the Woza Moya income-generation project. Pictures are included for reference, but because these are all one-of-a-kind handmade crafts, the prizes received may not be identical to those pictured.


Prizes 1st Prize

Your choice of:

1. Beaded wire animal "trophy" (Lion, Elephant, or Bok); OR

2. Large beaded wire aloe plant (pot not included) PLUS a beaded bauble necklace.

Total value = $100

1st and 2nd Runners-Up

Your choice of:

1. Medium sized beaded wire aloe plant; OR

2. Medium beaded wire animal; OR

3. Beaded bauble necklace.

Available will depend on selections of 1st prize winner. Total value = 2 x $40.

Your Entry

Submit your Little Traveller photo by sending an email to with your photo attached. Please include your name, the city that you live in, as well as the location where the photo was taken. Make sure to read contest rules below first!

Rules of the Little Travellers Photo Contest

  1. Photos should be primarily of your Little Traveller(s) on their travels. The photos should not include people as their subjects - though you are welcome to take as many of these as you like for your own albums!
  2. Photos can be set anywhere in the world! They can be in front of beautiful landscapes, interesting architecture, or just about anywhere you like! However, please refer to rule 1) for the subject content.
  3. Entries must be submitted to the email address specified above; alternatively, photos can be submitted by mailing them to: Photo Contest, 226 Oxford St., Winnipeg, MB. R3M 3J6; there, they will be scanned and uploaded to the website.
  4. An individual may enter as many photos as they like; however, each photo must only be entered once.
  5. By entering your photograph to this contest, you give permission for it to be used, if selected, by the Little Travellers HIV/AIDS Initiative as seen fit; this may include (but is not limited to) use on the Little Travellers website; in promotional materials; and for use in a photography exhibit to be displayed in South Africa and elsewhere. If your photos are used, you will not receive any compensation. All photos are eligible for such use, regardless of whether they are selected as winners of the photo contest.
  6. Winners will be selected by a panel of three to five volunteers involved in the Little Travellers HIV/AIDS Initiative and/or the Hillcrest AIDS Centre. Winning photos will be chosen because of outstanding photographic artistry, location, creativity, or any combination of the above. Winners will be announced in the week following the contest deadline.
  7. Winners will be contacted by email to select prizes and in order to obtain delivery information.
  8. Volunteers with the Little Travellers Initiative are eligible for entry (though those individuals will not be eligible to sit on the the judging panel).
  9. Prizes may vary, depending on availability.
  10. The deadline for entries will be noon on October 15th, 2007.
  11. Comments and questions regarding this photo contest should be sent to
  12. Participation in such a contest and receipt of prizes must be legal in your country/province/state
  13. Rules may be subject to change without notice.
  14. Have fun!