Little Travellers HIV/AIDS Initiative

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Little Travellers Chili Cook Off

Scrooge Pub & Dickens Lounge in Itaewon will host a chili cooking contest!
All of the proceeds from the one-day event will go toward efforts of the Little Travellers to fight HIV/AIDS in the KwaZulu-Natal Province of South Africa, where over 40 percent of adults are infected with HIV.

Between 3 and 8 p.m. visitors will be able to choose from over 15 different types of chili.
The cost for visitors is 10,000 won and includes three scoops of the chili of your choice, two pieces of bread and a Little Traveller. An additional scoop of chili may be purchased for 2,000 won, while an extra piece of bread runs 1,000 won.

Prizes will be awarded for the three best chili recipes based on aroma, flavor and heartiness. Those who want to enter the competition are encouraged to register as soon as possible.

"African Pride in the Park" Fundraiser Event

On Sunday June 7th, 2009, Little Travellers Korea will be hosting "African Pride in the Park" a fundraising event to promote African culture and raise money for the Hillcrest AIDS Center in South Africa. Over 100 women from the KwaZulu-Natal Province of South Africa make beautifully cute beaded doll pins and cellphone charms that are sold all over the world. Little Travellers Korea has been in operation for over a year and a half and has already raised over twenty million won for the center, who's mission is to provide "unconditional love to all those infected or affected by HIV/AIDS in a practical way". The money these pins generate makes an enormous difference as it enables women to feed and educate their families in one of the most HIV infected places on this planet.
On June 7th you will enjoy different examples of African culture starting with drumming and continuing with an African dance workshop, come and partake in the fun! If dancing isn't for you design your own Batik t-shirt or fabric. There will be a Batik dye workshop in the park where you can use the batik dyes to create your own funky African t-shirt. We will also be making African beaded necklaces that you can design and take home with you! Other performances and workshops include, belly dancing and yoga. So come on out to the Hongdae Park (line 2 Hongik University), enjoy the music, get interactive and support Little Travellers and all the wonderful work they do. The event kicks off at 1pm and continues until 6pm, with each hour marking a different performance and activity. HIV/AIDS is a devastating illness in Africa and around the world and we need to learn to protect ourselves and support each other.

2009년 6월 27일, Little travellers Korea가 “African Pride in the Park”라는 주제로 기금마련 이벤트를 주최합니다. 이 이벤트는 한국내 아프리카 문화 홍보과 남아프리카공화국의 힐크레스트 AIDS센터를 위한 기금을 마련하기 위한 것입니다. 남아프리카 공화국 카와줄루 나탈 지역에서는100명이 넘는 여성들이 전세계에 팔릴 귀여운 비즈 인형핀과 비즈 핸드폰줄을 만들고 있습니다. Little Travellers Korea는 일년 반 남짓한 시간 운영되어왔으며 그간 힐크레스트 AIDS센터를 위해 2,000만원이상의 기금을 조성하였습니다. 힐크레스트 AIDS센터의 목표는 “실질적인 방법으로 HIV/AIDS감염 환자들에게 조건 없는 사랑을 베푸자”입니다. 이 비즈핀들로 조성된 기금로 지구상에서 가장 HIV감염율이 높은 지역에서 살고 있는 HIV/AIDS 감염여성들의 가족들이 먹고 교육을 받을 수 있게 되었습니다.

6월 7일 이벤트에서는 드럼부터 시작해서 아프리카 댄스 강연까지 다양한 아프리카 문화를 즐길 수 있습니다. 오셔서 참여하세요! 춤이 여러분의 취향이 아니라면 직접 Batik염색으로 여러분만의 티셔츠를 만들어 보세요. 홍대 놀이터에서 여러분만의 펑키한 아프리카 티셔츠를 만들어 볼 수 있는 Batik 염색 강좌가 준비되어 있답니다. 아프리카 비즈 목걸이도 만들어 가세요! 벨리댄스 공연과 요가강연도 준비되어 있습니다. 홍대 놀이터(지하철 2호선 홍대입구역)로 오셔서 아프리카 문화도 즐기고 Little Travellers와 세계를 도와주세요! 이 이벤트는 1시에서 6시까지 진행됩니다. 매시간마다 다른 공연과 활동이 준비되어 있답니다. HIV/AIDS는 아프리카와 전 세계에 퍼진 무서운 질병으로 우리 모두 스스로 예방할 줄 알고 서로 도와야 합니다.

Little Travellers Photo Scavenger Hunt

Date:     Saturday May 2

Time:     Meet at 1:30 pm, Reconvene at Mike’s Cabin in Shinchon at 6:00 PM for viewing photos, dinner, drinks, and prizes.

Location: Central Seoul (between Namdaemun and Dongdaemun).

Entry Fee:  15,000 per person

Where does the money go?

  • 5000 won – Cost of Little Traveller
  • Approx 5000 won – Cost of food
  • Remaining money- Additional donation to Hillcrest AIDS Centre Trust

Prizes Provided by:

Registration Details:

  • Teams of four people
  • Each team is required to have 2 digital cameras with video capture option
  • Individuals can register and we will help find you a team
  • Please register early so we can better estimate the amount of food to prepare
  • Payment deadline:  April 29 (Payment Details Below)

Team Registration

Please include in "comments":
  • Team Name
  • Team Captain
  • Names
  • Phone numbers
  • Email Addresses
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sitellite/util/custom (form_type=4, title=Individual+Registration,, save=yes, cc=optional, fields=First+Name,Last+Name,Email+Address,Phone+Number,Comments) Payment Details

제일 은행 (Standard Chartered- SC- Jae Il Bank)


백재문 (Baek Jae Mun)

  • Please deposit 60,000 won per team.
  • If you are registering as an individual please deposit 15,000
  • Payment Deadline April 29 (otherwise the cost will be 20,000 per person the day of the event)


If you would like to volunteer for the event (There will be a few tasks where volunteers are stationed at a location) please email

작은 여행자들 사진 보물찾기

날짜 5월 2일 (토)

시간:   늦은1시 30분, 신촌의 Mike’s Cabin 에서 다시 6시에 만나서 사진 감상, 저녁 식사, 술, 을 하고 경품들도 나눠 줍니다.

장소: 서울 중심부 (남대문과 동대문 사이).

참가비: 1인당 15000원

참가비는 어디에 쓰이나요?

· 5000원- 작은 여행자들

· 약 5000원-음식 값

· 남은 돈-Hillcrest AIDS Centre Trust에게 추가적인 기부

상/경품 제공:

· Kabinett Wine Bar

· Healing Hands Massage

등록 상세 내용:

· 한 팀 당 4명

· 각 팀은 비디오 캡쳐 할 수 있는 디카 2개를 가지고 있으셔야 합니다.

· 개인으로 등록하실 경우 저희가 팀을 만들어 드립니다.

· 음식 준비 량의 파악을 위해 빠른 등록 바랍니다.

· 입금 마감날짜는 4월 29일입니다.

Team Registration

· 팀 이름:

· 팀장:

· 이름들:

· 전화번호들

· 이메일 주소들


· 이름

· 전화번호

· 이메일 주소

비용 상세 내용

제일 은행 (Standard Chartered- SC- Jae Il Bank)


백재문 (Baek Jae Mun)

한팀당 60,000원 입금 바랍니다.

개인으로 참가 신청하시는 분은 15000원 입금 바랍니다.

입금 마감일: 4월 29일 (당일 판매 가격:20,000원)


이 행사에 자원봉사 하고 싶으시면 (장소 곳곳에 봉사자들이 할 일이 있습니다) 로 이메일 보내주시면 됩니다.

International Women's Day                       March 8, 2009

Every year since the early 1900’s the International Women’s Day has been celebrated globally on March 8th in acknowledgment of womens' political, social and economic achievements as well as to raise awareness of the struggles of women worldwide. In Seoul a special event was organized by the Korean Women’s Associations United at Chunggye Plaza near City Hall themed “Women and Men United to End Violence against Women and Girls”. The event gave visitors the opportunity to stroll around the picturesque plaza and receive information about various women’s groups and NGOs in Seoul. Among these the Little Travellers found their place and attracted much interest and attention of hundreds of visitors and spectators on this beautiful sunny afternoon.

An hour into the event a commemorative ceremony was held, featuring a Taekwondo demonstration with subsequent self-defense instructions for women and girls, and musical acts and percussion performances in which the good-humored audience enthusiastically joined in. Next a parade was conducted which led it’s procession via the National Human rights commission of Korea to the City Hall and the Press center before returning to the Plaza in time for the musical closing event. The event gave an excellent opportunity to exhibit the work that is being done as well as the work which remains to be done for women’s rights in Korea and the world.

Little Travellers at Wild Women Performing Arts Festival

January 2009

On Saturday January 17th Little Travellers went wild at the Wild Women's Performing Arts Festival. This event was held at Club (Ta) to raise funds for the Korean Women's Associations United (KWAU), which is promoting Women's human rights and gender equality throughout Korea. The KWAU is an umbrella organization whose members include the Korean Sexual Violence Relief Center, Korea Women's Hotline and Differently-Abled Women's United. At the event, a diverse mix of female singers, poets, musicians and dancers were performing on stage, while Little Traveller volunteers sold pins and distributed information about the organization as well as the Hillcrest AIDS Center. The great number of visitors all but challenged the venue's capacity and made the festival a big success.

1월 17일 토요일 Little Travellers가 여성들만의 공연축체 Wild Women's Performing Arts Festival에 참가하였습니다.
이 행사는 홍대 클럽 타()에서 한국여성단체연합을 위한 기금마련을 위해 열렸습니다. 한국여성단체연합은 한국 여성들의 여권 신장과 한국 내 성평등 문화 정착을 위해
일하는 단체이며 성폭력 상담소, 여성의 전화, 여성 장애우연합 등을 통해 여성들의 방패막이가 되어주고 있습니다. 이 행사에서는 여성 가수와 시인, 뮤지션, 댄서들이
다양한 무대를 보여주었고 LittleTraveller봉사자들은 비즈핀을 판매하고 힐크레스트 에이즈센터(Hilcrest AIDS Center)와 LittleTraveller의 정보를 담은 팜플렛을 배포
하였습니다. 많은 손님에 비해 공간이 부족하긴 했지만 행사는 대 성공이었습니다.

Rubber Seoul Raises 12 million won for Little Travellers and Grassroots Uganda!

December 2008

In honor of the 20th World AIDS Day, Little Travellers unleashed their biggest event yet with Rubber Seoul, a four-venue concert event that raised over 11 million won for the organization and event partners Grassroots Uganda.

Held on Saturday, Dec. 6, more than 1,000 dolls were purchased by Koreans and foreigners alike at Hongdae clubs DGBDs, FF Club, Jane's Groove and Sensations. Each venue hosted live music and DJs, all who volunteered their time for the widely successful event.

Rubber Seoul was made possible by a huge collection of volunteers, business donations and dedicated organizations that formed the Korean Commission for World AIDS Day, an ad hoc group created solely for this event. During the day, Korean group CLIP and Youth CLIP hosted a lecture series at Hongik University. At night, patrons paid 10,000 won for a Little Travellers pin, a necklace from Grassroots Uganda and entrance into all four clubs. Early in the night, all the venues were packed with crowds eager to see their favorite local bands and DJs.

A huge success was had for all the groups involved, especially Little Travellers. We were able to sell our dolls extensively throughout the night, distribute condoms and information about HIV/AIDS and further raise money for the women of the Hillcrest AIDS Centre.

We'd also like to thank all those that donated their time and money to making this event a grand success. Your efforts will make an indelible impact.

제 20회 세계 AIDS의 날을 맞이하여 4곳의 장소에서 “Rubber Seoul”이라고 하는 음악회가 개최되어Little Travelers와 이벤트파트너인 Grassroots Uganda를 위한 1,100만원의 성금을 모으는 개가를 올리게 되었다. 이는 Little Travelers가 한국에서 개최한 행사 중 가장 규모가 큰 행사였다.

이 이벤트는 12월 6일 (토)에 서울 홍익대 근처에 있는 DGBD, FF, Jane’s Groove, Sensations등에서 개최되었으며, 내/외국인 합쳐 약1,000여개의 인형이 판매되었다. 각 장소에서 DJ플레이 및 음악공연이 열렸으며, 자원봉사자 모두의 시간할애와 도움으로 성공적인 이벤트가 되었다.

많은 자원봉사자, 기업과 NGO등으로 구성된 "한국 AIDS의 날 위원회"에 의하여 Rubber Seoul는 개최되었다 (“한국 AIDS의 날 위원회”는 이 이벤트를 위해 특별히 설립되었다). 낮에 한국 CLIP과 Youth CLIP은 홍익대학교에서 강의를 개최했다. 밤에는 입장객들이 한번의 입장료(만원)을 지불하고 Little Travelers 핀과 Grassroots Uganda 목걸이 사은품을 받으며, 4곳의 클럽에 입장할 수 있었다. 모든 공연장에서 좋아하는 DJ와 밴드의 연주를 감상할 수 있어, 많은 방문객들이 이 행사를 찾았다. 이 이벤트는 Little Travelers를 포함한 모든 참여 조직에게 큰 수확을 가져다 주었다. 많은 인형이 판매가 되었으며, 관련 조직 역시 콘돔과 HIV/AIDS에 대한 정보를 많이 알리게 되었다. 또한 Hillcrest AIDS Centre의 여성을 을 위한 많은 금액이 모금되었다.

이 행사의 성공적인 개최를 위해 시간과 금전적 노력을 기울여 주신 분들께 감사의 말씀을 드립니다. 귀하의 노고가 커다란 결실을 맺게 될 것입니다.

World AIDS Day Street Campaign

November 2008

On a cold November day, the Little Travellers joined Youth Clip in front of Duksu Palace in Central Seoul to further awareness of HIV/AIDS. Although South Korea has a relatively low population of people living with HIV/AIDS (approximately 4300 people), the infection rate is steadily increasing and discrimination is rife. ABC news reported on the event noting that 30% of AIDS patients in Korea have committed suicide while in a recent survey, 45% of Koreans commented they would not send their child to the same school as an AIDS patient.

Youth Clip is as student group aimed at taking action on global issues such as HIV/AIDS. Over 30 volunteers braved the cold weather in a demonstration for 'Overcoming Bias and Discrimination'. Educational materials provided by KHAP was distributed while Little Travellers, Grassroots Uganda necklaces and Global Care cell phone accessories were sold to raise funds for those affected by HIV/AIDS in South Africa, Uganda, and Kenya respectively.

It was a successful event combining the importance of education in Korea with support for victims in less developed African nations.

11월 29일 2008

 세계 에이즈의 날 길거리 캠패인