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HIV/AIDS in South Africa | The Hillcrest AIDS Centre

"By making these dolls, families have been fed, lights have been turned on, little children have gone to school, water has poured out taps... but most of all, hope has been restored."

Paula Thompson, Woza Moya income-generation project, Hillcrest AIDS Centre Trust

Economic empowerment is the single most important factor in fighting this epidemic because it gives the crafters (who are all infected or affected by HIV/AIDS) the luxury of looking to the future and, in doing so, taking ownership of their disease and having something to live FOR."

Julie Hornby, CEO, Hillcrest AIDS Centre Trust


The Little Travellers HIV/AIDS Initiative is orchestrated by a group of ordinary people, who really want to do something to ease the burden of HIV/AIDS & poverty in Africa. This is a true grassroots project: the initiative got its start at the University of Manitoba in 2005 after a few curious beaded dolls - lovingly made at the Hillcrest AIDS Centre in South Africa - were discovered to have stowed-away in the luggage of an unsuspecting volunteering returning from the Centre.

The dolls, affectionately named "Little Travellers", were recognized as an opportunity to raise money and awareness for the plight of the crafters, all of whom are affected by HIV/AIDS, and others that the dedicated staff at the AIDS Centre work tirelessly to help.

Since then, Little Travellers "Chapters" have emerged all over the world, including:

  • Little Travellers Manitoba
  • Little Travellers Vancouver
  • Little Travellers North Carolina 
  • Little Travellers Korea


    The battle against HIV/AIDS in Africa is a BIG one, and we are always looking for help.